Get Ready for a Magical Adventure: Ghibli Park Unveils the Next Chapter

Get Ready for a Magical Adventure: Ghibli Park Unveils the Next Chapter

Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle

Get ready for a thrilling adventure, anime fans! The highly anticipated Ghibli Park is about to open, and excitement is in the air. While only a small portion of the park's attractions will be unveiled on opening day, one thing is for sure - visitors won't be "boar-e"d!

According to reports from Mainichi and Otaku USA, the park has revealed more information about the Mononoke Village and Valley of Witches, which are part of the second section. Visitors can experience the thrill of gliding down the back of the boar deity, Okkoto-nushi, at the Mononoke Village, while at the Valley of Witches, they can visit Sophie's Hat Shop from Howl's Moving Castle. And that's not all - the replica of Howl's Castle in Witch's Valley will be a staggering 16 meters tall, complete with bedrooms and possibly even a kitchen!

Witch's Valley will be the park's biggest area, measuring 2.9 hectares (7.9 acres). The 1.8-hectare Dondoko Forrest is the next largest. Completing that place will be the next Howl's Moving Castle-related enticement in the form of Hatter's Hat Shop. In contrast, Kiki's Delivery Service will be portrayed by the little witch Kiki's childhood dwelling. It would be accompanied by the Guchokipanya bakery she manages, and an aspect Ghibli Park calls the "Witch's Home," which might or might not relate to the room she leases after advancing out of her parents' home.

Witch's Valley will nevertheless be where Ghibli Park's restaurant is situated and taking into account the artistry Studio Ghibli sets into the tempting representations of its in-anime foodstuffs and the adoring care offered to the meals and beverages served at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. It is probably Ghibli Park's eateries that will be a crowd-pleasing fascination in and of their own.

Visitors can also anticipate mobility via automobiles modelled after the renowned Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro coming shortly. The different locations inside the theme park are fairly spread out and require an expedition. 

Although the concept is still being worked on, what is currently known is that the mode of transportation will be a low-speed electric car with room for five passengers. The park has allocated 6.55 billion yen, or roughly $49 million, for the two sections.

The Initial Phase of Ghibli Park

Ghibli Park

The first section of the theme park, situated in Aichi Expo Memorial Park, just outside of Nagoya, Japan, commenced for visitors in November 2022 with the Dondoko Forest, Hill of Youth and Ghibli's Grand Warehouse. 

Visitors to the Dondoko Forest immediately get taken to the home of My Neighbor Totoro sisters Satsuki and Mei, where the large "Dondoko-do" stands by. Visitors can ascend the hill from Whisper of the Heart to the World Emporium at the Hill of Youth to take a birds-eye perspective of the entire park. Ghibli's Grand Warehouse has a movie room, play areas for children, gift stores, and gallery exhibits.

Designers and builders erected the park around the area's extant natural space, incorporating wilderness into the visitor experience to cause as little harm to the preexisting ecosystem as possible. There won't be any garbage cans at the park, so visitors must also arrange to take their waste home. Visitors may utilize the park map to find the places they want to see after entering the park.

International tickets are now out for sale! And, while your ticket finds your way, why not go shopping and get in the spirit of devouring it all at once?

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